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Homepage of Alexandr Ciornii (Sasha Chorny), Perl developer/consultant.

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CPAN modules that I maintain.

My patches for Perl modules (very old list):
CPANPLUS 0.72: size check, added comments
Apache::Session: make work on Windows, Cygwin, better error handling
Win32API::File: tests error #20825
WWW:Mechanize: updated tests #19353
Data::UUID: partial VC support #20670; Vanilla, Cygwin fixes, etc.
Crypt::DSA: win32 fix. #19184
Bundle::RT 0.030601: update for RT 3.6.1 #20949.
ppt: ls error #7403
ExtUtils::MakeMaker: test error #20565
Crypt::IDEA: compile under MS VC #20495
Net_SSLeay.pm: better Win32 support #21013, test error #21188
Archive::Zip: removed warning under Cygwin #19713
Tripletail: Windows support #21024
Time::gmtime, Net::SMTP, Bank::Holidays, Bank::RMD, WWW::NameGen, Net::Ident, Sub::Install, Log::Simple, Net::Traceroute, WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable, AI::MegaHAL, Sys::Hostname::FQDN, PerlIO::gzip, Perl::Critic, Archive::Rar, Net::DNS, DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader, Devel::ebug

Maintain Net::Ping::External, AI::MegaHAL, Roman, Test::Warn, File::NCopy, Apache::Session. Participate in development of Test::Reporter.
old perl compatibility fixes: Digest::MD5, MIME::Base64, HTML::Parser, etc..

parrot patch 17570.

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Sites developed by me (old list):
www.hr.un.md (modifications)
www.tri.md (http://web.archive.org/web/20010906151558/www.tri.md/indexold.html)
InterCardPro (secure part)

Sites that include my work:

My ppm repository is not maintained any more. Use Strawberry Perl.

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